BetVictor Bet Calculator - Free To Use

bet typesThere are a lot of betting calculators and tools available on the internet these days but betting sites themselves rarely offer the feature.  This is frustrating if you want to work out various payout scenarios but need to flick back and forth between different sites, especially annoying on mobile devices. 

The bet calculator available at BetVictor is therefore a very handy feature for punters, particularly those that place accumulators and more complex bet types, where working out winnings is not so straight forward as not all lines and payouts are shown on the bet slip for system bets.  The calculator covers pretty much every type of bet you could want to place.  They even allow you to calculate bet types and systems that they themselves don't offer directly and along with that they give you a handy guide on how to create the bet on your own.

Although this feature hasn't been around too long I already use it whenever I place a multiple, full cover or forecast wager; even if using a different site to actually place my bets.  There are many reasons to bet with this bookie other than the fact the have a bet calculator, the feature is rather a great addition to an already top level book from a very professional betting site - hence why I recommend them.  You can read more about the betting site, features, products and the welcome offer in our full BetVictor review.

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How To Use BetVictor Bet Calculator

You don't need to have an account to use the bet calculator, it is free to use by anybody.  The tool can be used to calculate the winnings of any of the bet types or system bets shown below in both fraction and decimal, with various connotations such as each-way, rule 4, dead-heats, void lines and more.

BetVictor Bet Calculator Bet Types Available

Choose the bet type you want to place using the drop down list.  Alternatively if you are not sure what bet you want to place skip this bit and move to the bet details section, build your own bet by adding in the number of selections you want to place.

You could of course use this for a single or straight each-way bet, although in most cases you will be able to work out single bet odds without a calculator unless you want to use the rule 4 feature or work out the effects of a dead heat on your result.

BetVictor Bet Calculator Example

In the example above we've got four bet selections.  Using this tool you can now see what type of stake and returns you could get using different bet types.  The middle example shows the returns from a 4-fold straight win accumulator while the end example shows the same selection in a lucky 15 (a type of full cover bet).  You could also place a Yankee or a Flag bet using the same number of picks.

 BetVictor Bet Calculator Example

If you want to you can now start to add additional features to the bet.  You could place your bet each way, here you have two choices, either all selections each-way or win-to-win / place-to-place. 

You can set the place odds individually for each line and choose other scenarios such as the effect of rule 4 (read more about this in our Rule 4 explained guide) or splitting your bet up into smaller multiples (see example below).

BetVictor Bet Calculator Example

Bets can be saved if you want to (although you will need an account for this) and also easily shared directly by social media or through a short code link.  Once you bet is settled you can now enter the results to see what you have won or to check that the payout you received is correct. 

Using the drop down-lists you can select winner, lost, placed, void or dead heat.  You can also add in rule 4 if a selection was withdrawn from a race that was part of your bet.

BetVictor Bet Calculator Example Screenshot

The above example is a convoluted scenario of a result using the same 4-fold that includes a winning selection, a winning selection with a 15% rule 4 deduction, a void pick and a winning pick which finished in a dead head for first place. 

Of course this is a highly unlikely set of results but I have used this to show the functionality of the tool and how it can be used to calculate winnings from any set of results.

bv betcalculator 3

The tool can also be used to work out straight and reverse forecast bets.  Of course you can only work out the forecast returns once the races are run and the dividend is announced, but this is still a very useful tool.  In fact it is the only bet calculator I know of that lets you calculate a reverse forecast.  There is an option to do a single, double and treble forecast or reverse forecast too.  For all bet types there is also a full description of what the bet is, how to place it and how returns are calculated (see above right).

One benefit of using BetVictor's own bet calculator if you do bet with them is if you think they've got your returns wrong then they can't argue with their own tool!

Build Your Own Bet and Strategy

The bet calculator allows you to build almost any bet you like.  This doesn't need to be a preselected package of bets such as a Yankee or a Lucky 15, using the various options it it possible to build various components of a wager within calculator.  Here you can strategise by looking at which components of various bet types are best suited to giving you the kind of returns you want from the bet you want to place.

Bet Victor Bet Calculator Build Your Own Bet Example Screenshot

In the example above there are five selections (left).  You could place one of the prelected bets such as a straight acca, a Canadian or a Lucky 31 (middle) or you can use the fold-options to work out what each multiple component will pay out and decide for yourself.  On the back of this you may decide to only place some parts of the full cover bet, reducing your stake.

BetVictor Bet Calculator Build A Bet Example Screenshot

The bet calculator also allows you calculate winnings form bet types that BetVictor do not even offer, but that you could build yourself.  This is fantastic as it gives the option to calculate and try more bespoke wagers, the in depth guide that goes with it also explains how the bets work and how to build them. 

The example above is how to place a bet called a Union Jack treble.  I won't go into what this is, we have a whole section explaining various bet types if you would like to read more.  The point is this is a fantastic tool for trying different bets as understanding how they work.

Important Bet Calculator Terms and Conditions

There are very few actual terms applicable to this feature.  It is 100% free to use and you can see all returns possible without needing to bet or login, therefore if you don't want to you don't even need to open an account with the online bookmaker. In many ways however if you don't open an account the tool loses a lot of it's magic of convenience, as you will still need to flick between different sites to use the calculator any way. 

bv betcalculator

If you do open an account with BetVictor you will find they are one of the most professional betting sites in the business.  No flashy frills here, just honest priced odds, good features and solid regular promotions.  BetVictor also run every attractive sign up offers if you need an added incentive, all of this is detailed on our in depth BetVictor review page if you would like to read more.

Of course if you do want to open an account and bet online you will need to be over 18 years of age whatever and betting from a country where gambling is legal.  The bet calculator is a great tool, the best I've ever seen from an actual bookmaker.  The tool can be both informative and fun, allowing you to find out and experience different bets you may not usually place.  As always be careful, many bet packages of course have multiple stakes, make sure you know what you want to bet before you start to use it and please gamble responsibly whatever bets you end up placing.

18+,; T&C's Apply