Scorecast, Wincast, Timecast and Anytime Scorecast Betting Explained

castIt is not actually possible to combine related markets from the same match into a multiple wager, e.g. it is not possible to do a double with first goalscorer and correct score in the same match. These are known as related contingencies and this means the only way you can place this type of bet is using cast betting.

Cast betting is a great way to add value to your predictions. These bet types have better odds prices compared to wagering on standard win singles individually. With the vast range of betting markets now available online there are many cast bets to choose from. From the well know scorecast (first goalscorer and correct score) to the more recently discovered wincast (goalscorer and team to win) and timecast (goalscorer and time).

Many of these lines can payout at big odds and if you guess right they can give you far more back than betting on both markets separately. In this article we will show you the best online bookmakers for scorecast and other cast betting as well as talking about how to place these bets and common strategies used.

Best Scorecast and Wincast Betting Sites

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By far the best betting site for range of matches on which cast betting is available. Bet365 cover all major leagues and many minor ones so if you want to the kind of depth of market that will include cast betting on more matches than others this is your bookie. 365 are also known for having very good prices, which has a big impact in combined markets like scorecast, wincast and timecast. For any football fan in general bet365 are unrivaled when it comes to range.

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The best odds for football. There are no frills here, if you simply want to know you are getting a top price on your cast bets then place your predictions with BetVictor. This is a perfect bookie for those who don't want to shop around for the best prices and deals. You will always be guaranteed a very fair deal with BetVictor. This is also a good bookie for alternative cast markets.

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William Hill

When it comes a to choice of football markets there is simply no better online bookmaker than William Hill. They provide scorecast (first and anytime), wincast and timecast markets for virtually every match. Odds are some of the best and payouts limits are the best in the whole industry. William Hill also run various other cast markets depending on the game or event, the options for big games can be almost limitless.

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Being a giant of online bookmaking if you want an all in one bookie for football betting and cast markets there is no better one stop shop. Ladbrokes have a similar range of markets to Coral with fair prices and regular price boosts on the top lines. Every day you will find enhanced scorecast and wincast lines provided and these generally boost by at least 25% or more.

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The market depth and prices at Unibet are very good. This bookie are also the best for expansive markets on football outside of the UK. With more of a European focus than many other sites if you want to get the best range of markets for these games then Unibet should certainly be on your list. This is also a good site for scorecast betting on sports other than football.

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Coral have a great depth of market when it comes to scorecast and other cast bets but their real stand out feature is enhanced specials. For most matches you will find boosted odds on certain popular lines. For anyone who placed these types of wagers on a regular basis you have to have Coral in your portfolio and check what prices they are giving before betting anywhere else.

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related contingencyMost cast bet types are a way of combining related bets. If two lines are related, then in general you won't be able to combine these into multiple bets. For example, it is not possible to bet on a team to win and a correct score of 1-0 in a double. This is because the correct score odds given take into account the probabilities of winning. This is referred to in the industry as a related contingency, we have an article about it if you would like to know more.

A cast bet therefore gives you a way of placing these types of related wagers, e.g. combining a goalscorer with a correct score. You will notice that the odds of a scorecast for example is lower than the odds would be if you placed a double bet taking the odds of the goalscorer and correct score as single bets. The lower odds given in a cast bet reflect the adjustment by odds traders for the related probabilities. These bets still however can give excellent value.

Scorecast and Anytime Scorecast

The most common cast bet is the scorecast. The scorecast has also been around the longest and could be thought of as the pioneer.

Scorecasts combine a goalscorer with a correct score. This is usually the first goalscorer, for example, Eden Hazard to score first and Chelsea to win 2-0 (see example below).

first goalscorer scorecast example

An anytime scorecast is exactly the same but you are betting on the player to score any time during the match, in this instance the example below shows Eden Hazard to score anytime and Chelsea to win 2-0. Of course the anytime scorecast will have a lower price than the scorecast as the odds of Hazard scoring anytime are less (17/1) than scoring first (28/1).

anytime scorecast example

It is also possible to get variations on scorecasts, such as, last goalscorer scorecast (see example blewo), first half scorecast, second half scorecast, etc.

last goalscorer scorecast example

Scorecasts are the most competitive wagers of this type and offered by most bookies an certainly everyone listed on this site. This means it is very easy to shop around for the best odds. If you are after something like a first half scorecast you will be better off with one of our recommend bookies with expansive markets.

Wincast and Anytime Wincast

Wincast betting is growing in popularity and soon enough it could even overtake the scorecast for volume of wagers. A wincast predicts the goalscorer and the match result. This can be first goalscorer (most common), anytime goalscorer or last goalscorer.

This bet is now offered by quite a few online bookmakers and certainly by our recommended sites. It is growing in popularity because the chances of predicting a wincast is generally easier than a scorecast, this means winning more often based on probability.

wincast examples

In the near future I am sure you will be able to place first half and second half wincasts, although strictly they shouldn't be called wincast. When these become available I would imagine William Hill would be the first to do it.

As wincasts are become more and more popular it will be easier to shop around to get the best prices. For now you can find this line with enough operators to find some competitive prices.


Here you are again betting on a goalscorer but this time you are combining it with a period of time for that goal to be scored in. An example could be, Rooney to score in the 21st-45th minute. This again can be first, anytime, last goalscorer, although first goalscorer is most common.

Timecast bets are almost like an intermediate form of a scorecast and wincast. The odds are generally higher than a wincast and lower than a scorecast. They are also not dependent on the overall result itself, this means the odds are weighted more towards the goal scorer price.

It is possible to find timecasts that span from a few minutes to a whole half. You will not find everyone offering this but as with the wincast this bet type will increase in popularity.

Other Cast Bets

Other similar bets are available although they tend not to have specific names. These are often found under the 'specials' markets with most betting sites. A cast bet, as we mentioned in the related bets section above, is a combined prediction on two or more related events.

Bookies therefore advertise these bets as specials, and because many are different to the norm a lot of sites push these bets with promotions so you can get great value.

match action

Here are a few examples I've seen, many focus on goalscorers but this doesn't have to be the case:

  • Player to score and there to be a red card
  • Team to hit the crossbar and lose
  • Player to be booked and score
  • Team to have a goal offside and win/draw/lose
  • Substitute to score and team to win
  • Player to score and a team to win by 3 or more goals
  • Penalty to be given/scored/missed and team to win/draw/lose
  • Player to score a header and team to win/draw/lose, etc.
  • Match action bets, predicting numbers of corners, goals, cards, etc., in combination.

To create a cast bet all you need to do is have imagination, if you can't find the market available you could ask your bookie and they will probably give you odds (although they may not always be great value).

If your looking for more of these bet types my general rule is the less serious the bookmaker takes themselves the more likely they are to provide these lines. I often see these as more fun bets and these are common with Coral, 888 Sport and Paddy Power to name a few. As bookies know these bets are often a bit of fun for many they will often use them in offers to entice you in, this means better odds and value for the punter.

Scorecast & Wincast Betting Strategy

strategyNo strategy can ensure or make it more likely that you win but you can use betting strategies to increase the amount you win if your predictions do come true.

Cast bets are an excellent example of adding value when you think two events will occur. For example, you think you know a certain player is going to score and a team will win. If you were to place these bets separately (which you would have to because these are related bets) you might get say 5/1 on the player to score first an 2/1 on the team winning. A £5 bet on each would win you £35 if both events happen.

Now if you place a wincast instead the odds are more likely to be something like 10 or 15/1, this means if you placed £5 on this you could win more like £50-75.  If you think the score will also be 2-1 and you bet on this as a scorecast you are now talking about odds of something like 30/1+ (depending on the player, scorer, game, home, away, etc.), a fiver here could win you £150 or more.

Below are a few tips to get the best value out of cast bets:

  • Shop around for the best odds – This sounds obvious for any bet but in this case this can seriously add value. Odds on a scorecast between bookies will vary far more percentage wise than a market like the match result. For example one bookie could be offering 20/1 and another 30/1 on exactly the same scorecast. As we always say it makes sense to have a small portfolio of betting sites and then simply go for the one with the best price.
  • Cover your bets – The problem with say a scorecast bet is the likelihood of it occurring is of course less than either the player scoring or the correct score individually. Many people like to therefore place three separate bets, a single on the goalscorer, a single on the correct score and then a scorecast bet. This way if only one of the events (the goalscorer or the correct score) comes in you still get paid out, and if they both come in you still get a bigger win.
  • Compare the market – Punters like cast betting because the odds are high so if you do win you win big from a small stake. You may think picking the player least likely to score in a scorecast, usually a defender, is a good way of getting the best odds on the offshoot of a random goal. This however is often not the case. In many matches I have seen the exact same odds on a scorecast no matter what defender I pick. In this instance you may as well pick the defender most likely to score as your pay out will be high. Over a number of games this will certainly count.
  • Look for an offer – Cast bets seem to play to our desires more so than either bet individually may do. This is partially to do with the fact that we pre-analyse matches. For example, when chatting with your mates about an upcoming game you are likely to say something like 'I reckon Liverpool will win and I think Mane is going to score'. This makes you want to put that bet on just in case it does happen. Bookmakers know this and so will tend to take popular cast bets and advertise them in price boosts and enhanced odds sections. This means you can get a price 25% or so higher than the raw price, so it's certainly worth looking around for these before you place your wager.
  • Think about the type of match and remember extra time – Teams are more likely to draw knockout games where extra time is possible. If you think about this it makes sense, if you know you can draw and still have a chance there is less pressure. Therefore when you place a cast bet keep this in mind. Cast bets will generally be up to 90 minutes (unless stated) and so extra time won't count.
  • Research is paramount, look at the stats – Some players are more likely to score against some teams, every club has a player like that. I remember when Suarez played for Liverpool he couldn't stop scoring against Norwich. Use this knowledge when placing a cast bet, in that instance you could place a wincast say on Suarez to score and Liverpool to beat Norwich. Likewise some teams score loads of goals when they meet and some score less, look into this when thinking of the correct score side of a scorecast bet for example.
  • Create your own bet – It is true that because bets are related you can't create your own double in place of a scorecast in the same match. You can however create any combination you like if your betting on different non-linked events. For example, doing a double on one player to score first in match A and a correct score in match B will have much higher odds than a standard scorecast bet and is not a related contingency and so is allowed.
  • Not just football – You can place a cast bet on any sport where predictions can be combined, first tryscorer and correct score in rugby is also a scorecast for example. These markets are harder to find for sure because sports other than football carry less markets but these lines are certainly available.

Do own goals count in Scorecast and Wincast bets?

As a rule own goals do not count, a first goalscorer in a scorecast bet for example would be the first player to score in the opponent's net, not their own.

It is worth checking the market before you bet however. If there is an option for an 'own goalscorer' in the dropdown list when you place a bet then it could be that own goals count.

I have never seen this personally but have heard from others that have. If you do see 'own goal' as an option make sure you go and look at the terms and conditions before placing the bet.

Payout Limits

limitsThere are two reasons why payout limits can be important in cast betting. Firstly, a scorecast with an unlikely scenario could potentially carry odds of three of four figures (i.e. 100s to 1000s/1). This means if it did come in and you are betting with a smaller operator you could end up quite easily hitting maximum payment limits and it would be a shame to lose out this way.

Secondly don't just look for the overall payout limit for a sport. Football for example may have a maximum payout of say £100k but this may only apply to certain markets, such as the match result. The payout for markets such as scorecast may be lower. If you are placing a bet on a line with high odds, or even with lower odds but a high stake, always check the payout limits. We either list or tell you how to find out about payout limits for all the sites we list in our betting site reviews.

As an example William Hill will pay out up to £2million, so if you bet with them you can be fairly safe. In fact all of our recommended bookies have payouts of at least £100k for these wagers.