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Sports guide home 2The ethos of OnlineBetting is to provide you as the user with the best information and tools so that you can find the best bookmaker and bets for you. We do not provide ratings or rankings as we know everyone bets for different reasons and it is impossible for us to know your individual requirements. By breaking down online betting services by the specific features we hope this will help you to find the online-bookie(s) for your long term betting needs.

In this section we look at betting by sport. Here you can find the best books around for your favourite sports or events and find out what types of bets are available and how to place them. Discover the top tournaments and events by sport and when to find the best offers for them. We hope this will help you find the best online bookmaker(s) to bet with whatever your passion, from football to boxing.

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Football betting guide

The world’s most bet on sport and as a result bookies go to war to capture punters with promotions and top odds in this market. In football you can pretty much bet on anything you like from the Champions league final to the most obscure Asian leagues. Market depth is fantastic with up to 200 lines for a big event with offers and promotions better than in any other sport. Bookies will run low margins to attract punters to place their single and accumulator football bets with them and by shopping around and keeping a wide portfolio of online bookmakers you can be sure you are always getting fair odds.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing Guide

If you find a bookie that doesn’t offer horse racing then let me know, horse racing is an entry requirement for bookmakers and a great benchmark to set them by. One of the oldest forms of betting horse racing and its terminology can seem threatening to the uninitiated. Betting on horses is easy and simpler than ever before, read our comprehensive guide to find out how to bet on horse racing and who are the best bookies to wager on the nags.


Tennis guide

Tennis is the world's most bet on racket sport and is particularly loved by professional bettors. As a simple game between two competitors it is often easier to limit the variables in this game to predict an outcome. Tennis is also prevalent throughout the British summer when other sports and events are in close season attracting even more punters. Every bookie offers tennis betting and loads offer live streaming. Not all bookies features are equal however, read our in depth tennis guide to find the best online tennis bookmakers, how to bet on tennis and what offers and features to look out for.


Rugby GuideOnline bookmaking has been great for the sport of Rugby. Whether you want to bet on the RFU world cup or Asian domestic Rugby League matches these days you will find a market. Bet on anything from first try scorer to the number of blood injuries in a game. With full live betting and even live streaming now an option too. Read our guide to find the best Rugby betting sites, find out how to bet on Rugby, what bet types are available and what are the major competitions to bet on.


Golf GuideFrom its origins as an aristocratic Scottish pursuit in the middle ages, golf is now a massive sport more accessible than ever through modern technology and TV coverage. A great game played over days you no longer do you need to trust the commentators about where the ball is on your grainy TV screen. Golf now has GPS tracking and multi-view cameras with interactive feature, watching golf and indeed betting on golf has never been more fun. You can bet on a whole tournament and sit back or bet in play hole by hole. Players earn tens of millions playing this sport with punters loving to place a bet. Find out how to bet on golf, where to bet on golf and who has the best golf features available.

US Sports

us sportsFor decades many punters in the UK and Europe found it a struggle to both watch and bet on the traditional US Sports. Times have changed however and with the ever increasing popularity of online betting combined with more TV exposure and games played abroad, the betting landscape for American Sports has never been healthier. US sport betting has not however reached the levels on these shores where all bookies are equal, read our US Sports guide to find the best bookies to bet with whether you are looking for depth, value, streaming or offers. Also find out about how to bet, terminologies, history and much more.

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Racing GuideHaving gone through some dark periods in the last few decades Greyhound racing has emerged again as a popular betting sport thanks in part to the online betting sites that promote them. Despite dwindling track attendances live streaming and bookmaker features now means more money is bet on the sport off track than ever before. Most bookies cover the dogs but only some are barking up the right tree. Read our guide to find the best bookmakers for greyhound betting, where the top offers are, how to bet on greyhounds, major meetings and more.

Boxing & UFC

boxingBoxing has come a long way from an illegitimate underground bare-knuckle sport to a modern commercial phenomenon with top grade fights worth hundreds of millions of dollars. With the rise of mixed martial arts and the UFC franchise too over the last 25 years there is now a high profile fight available to watch on a weekly basis. Needless to say where there is money there are bookmakers and if you bet on combat sports with the right betting site you will achieve longer term value over time, find out who has the best odds, offers and market depth in our boxing and UFC betting guide.

Formula 1

formula oneSome would say F1 is just watching cars going around and around and others will tell you it’s a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Whatever your views you cannot ignore F1. With its modern glitz, glam, high earning celebrity drivers and fast cars it attracts punters from all walks of life. Nearly all bookies cover F1 but many just cover the basic markets. In our F1 guide we discuss the bookmakers with the best F1 markets and offers. We also talk about the history of the sport including infamous crashes and deaths, famous races, best drivers, top teams, how to bet, and more.


Cricket GuideOne of the first sports to spread around the world with international matches dating back to the 1700's. Even during its earliest days cricket was a game associated with betting resulting in the government introducing the gaming act in 1664. Cricket is a perfect betting sport with markets and lines that range from minutes when betting on the next ball to months when wagering on a test series. Modern online bookies have made cricket betting more fun and accessible than ever with some fantastic odds and offer around major tournaments and top events such as The Ashes. Find out more about how to bet on cricket, the best cricket bookmakers, major competitions to bet on and more.


Darts GuideWhat's the similarity between darts and the all in one tracksuit? Both were big in the 80's and have had a comeback recently. With both PDC and BDO formats and tons of championships and tournaments now year round there is a lot to bet on in the world of darts. The game naturally lends itself to live betting and streaming but as a 'smaller' sport where do you go to find the best markets, in play and streaming? Our darts guides tells you all you need to bet on darts from the best darts betting sites to how to bet on darts, major tournaments to look out for and where to get the best odds and payouts.

Snooker & Pool

snookerSnooker and Pool are no longer amateur pursuits for those rich enough to fit a 12ft long table in their homes. With top prize money and year round international tournaments betting on snooker is more popular than ever before. A tactical game there are a lot of lines available to bet on for a sport that is particularly good to watch and bet on in play. Our snooker and pool guide gives you information on the best snooker betting sites, explains how to bet, looks at match fixing in the sport and lists the top events and all time players. Find out the rules and how the games of snooker and pool came about as well as where to get the best odds and payouts.

Novelty and Special bets

novelty aIn terms of percentage increase Novelty betting has seen a meteoric increase over the last 15 years coupled with the rise in online betting and now every bookie listed on this site provide markets for alternative bets. That doesn't mean to say however that all bookies are the same and when it comes to specials betting there are some really stand out betting sites and some real stinkers too. Some novelty bet prices can also be poor in value too. Read our novelty bets guide where you can find out the best betting sites for specials betting, what novelty lines are and bets are available, odds and payouts to expect and more.

Virtual Horse & Greyhound Racing

virtual horse and jockey walking to the startVirtual racing is, essentially, a computerised versions of some of the main horse and dog racing that you love. Unlike eSports, however, where the game is played out by humans, the results are decided according to computer algorithms and a Random Number Generator. The races work in a similar manner to the likes of computerised roulette or blackjack, with bookmakers unable to interfere with the results. Who wins is decided by the RNG, with the computer algorithm able to take into account things such as form and ability. You can even watch your race of choice play out as though it was a real thing you've bet on.

Virtual Sports

virtual football matchVirtual sports are basically software generated games that take data from real-world sports to produce a digital counterpart that looks and behaves incredibly real. You can bet on all sorts of virtual sports including horse & dog racing, football, tennis, darts, basketball, motorsport and much more. Most games are licensed from thrid party providers and have set margins. With the games being largely similar between sites it is the features and promotions around the virtual sports that really sets bookies apart.


esportsElectronic sports or eSports is growing at a phenomenal rate around the world. eSports simply refers to any professional video gaming including first person shooters such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty or Halo and Battle simulations like League of Legends and Dota II. Professional teams play in global tournaments for prize monies that can easily get into the millions with hordes of people watching live or streaming online. When it comes to eSports not all bookies have this cracked it so read our guide to find the best eSports betting sites, how to bet and what wagers are available.

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